Common Uses of PTFE Tubing

PTFE tubing is a popular material used in various industries these days. It has become so popular that it is used in some of the biggest industries in the country. Here are some of the most common uses of this tubing today.




The automotive industry uses PTFE tubing in the construction of vehicle engines for fuel evaporation. The tubing is used to specifically limit the gas permeability.




The aircraft industry uses this tubing to wrap wires and cables on airplanes. The tubing used in the aircraft industry is the non-flammable fluoropolymer, which is able to withstand excessive temperatures and pressure.


Medical Industry


The medical industry uses this tubing in the manufacturing of earpieces, ventilation equipment, drainage tubes, gloves, aprons, artificial tissues and more. A good amount of products used by doctors in the biochemical analysis of a patient also contain this tubing.


Food Industry


Another industry that utilizes PTFE tubing is that of the food industry. The tubing is used to wrap food rollers so that they last longer and remain non-sticky.




Possibly the most common use of this tubing is found in the electrical industry by electricians. Because the tubing can withstand high temperatures and pressure, it is used to cover wires and cables installed by electricians in all types of construction. The tubing also protects the wires from being cut inadvertently. Since the tubing comes in different colors it can be used to identify the type of wires it is protecting.




The textile industry takes advantage of this tubing to prevent corrosion caused by chemicals that travel in the pipes. The tubing can also be installed on textile rollers to ensure that they keep their coating.


3D Printing


Believe it or not, the 3D printing industry uses PTFE tubing. Since the tubing has non-sticky components, it helps to move the material used in 3D printing from the nozzle.


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